Welcome to Iungsdalshytta!
Winter season 2022: 4th March -19th April 
Foto: DNT Oslo og Omegn

Iungsdalshytta - The pearl of Skarvheimen!

What to do at Iungsdalshytta
  • Summer farming with cows, pigs and chickens
  • Good fishing and paddling posibilities
  • Daily activities such as climbing, yoga, bonfire, biking and biologi excursions
  • Culture arrangements
  • Theme tours and courses
  • Good food and beverage


Iungsdalshytta is fully staffed during Easter and again during the summer from late June until the middle of September.
The lodge is closed from October 16th to February 14th. The rest of the year the lodge har self-service quarters. During self-service the lodge is locked with a DNT cabin key.


During the main season you can enjoy a full three-dishes meal at the lodge. Meals are cooked by our chefs and made from locally produced ingredients. Food is always served with a smile at Iungsdalshytta! :)

  • Iungsdalshytta has 48 bunks in two-, four- and six-bunk rooms.
  • Resturant facilities
  • Electricity generated from generator power
  • Outhouse
  • Two boats (summer)
  • Snowmobiles and tracked vehicle (winter)
  • Self serviced quarters during off season



Car along RV 7 from Oslo through Hallingdal, then take off onto Fv244 between Torpo and Ål (the sign to Vats) and drive past the villages of Leveld and Vats. At Bergsjøen there is a toll road (payment can be made with credit card or cash). Drive further on untill you reach the parking at Toviki. Google Maps

Train to Ål and taxi to Torviki (~1200 NOK). Transport can also be arranged by contacting the hosts.

N.B. From Toviki there is a 4 km hike along a marked path to the Lodge. We can also arrange for a pick up by boat (note that a pick up has to be booked in advance).


Car RV 7 through Hallingdal to Hol, and from Hol RV 50 to the parking at Myrland.
Train to Ål and then taxi to Myrland (~1200 NOK). Google Maps

N.B.  From Toviki there is  22 km of skiing along a marked path to the Lodge. We can arrange for pick up by snowmobile or tracked vehicle. Please contact us for further information.

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